Medical Oxygen Equipment Education Program

Air Liquide Healthcare can provide training for your staff on respiratory equipment used at the facility. Please refer to the service Contract for the training schedule.
The current medical oxygen equipment training program contains the following modules:
– Oxygen safety
– Oxygen cylinders
– Oxygen concentrators
– Oxygen accessories

Continuing medical education credits may be applicable for completed modules from professional organizations. Please contact Air Liquide Healthcare for further information.

Aged Care Facility Guide

This manual is an invaluable source of information for Aged Care Facilities supplied with products and services through Air Liquide Healthcare. It covers a wide range of medical oxygen and respiratory accessory products. We are committed to continually improving this resource and, from time to time, updates will be published and automatically sent to those individuals we have on our distribution list.

Safety signage provided for every applications

Resident Setup & Education

Our dedicated team of qualified Home Healthcare technicians will set up and educate your residents and carers on oxygen therapy. All services, initial and ongoing, are provided directly in your facility or in the home of residents on the ‘extended Age Care in the Home’ (EACH) program. This includes preventive maintenance services and training for your residents and caregivers.

Initial setups and education includes:
– Oxygen concentrator education
– Oxygen cylinder education

Detailed written material on Oxygen Concentrators and Cylinder Safety and Operation is provided to the resident or facility for reference.

All setups include a documented Oxygen Concentrator, Cylinder & OCD Orientation Checklist signed and acknowledged with the resident, care giver or facility. Copies of these checklists are provided to the facility to supplement any accreditation requirements.