Eclipse 5

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SeQual’s Eclipse 5 oxygen concentrator provides a continuous flow rate of up to 3 L/min in a unit that serves both stationary and portable needs. This concentrator weighs 8.3 kg and can be moved with a trolley. Complete with AC/DC and a lithium power cartridge, the Eclipse will function just about anywhere.

The autoSAT Technology maintains a consistent pulse dose volume for every breath as your respiratory rate changes. With this comprehensive dosing selection, a broader patient population can be treated at rest, during sleep, during exercise, and at different altitudes. It can also consistently deliver a fixed pulse dose volume of up to 96 mL (in increments of 16 mL) in addition to, three pulse dose volumes of 128 mL, 160 mL and 192 mL. The new control panel displays in either L/min or mL/min for a more accurate prescription verification. To mention one safety feature when the unit is in pulse dose mode; if no inspiration effort is detected, the unit automatically switches to continuous flow mode searching every 15 seconds, until a breath is detected. The Eclipse 5 can also be used in continuous flow mode with CPAP and bi-level devices.


  • Eclipse 5 POC
  • Trolley
  • Accessories bag
  • AC and DC power supply with power cords
  • Battery
  • 3 years warrant

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Continuous and pulse dose flow
Lower electricity bills: uses up to 70% less energy than other stationary concentrators
Produces 3,000 mL of O2
Small, easy to use and transport
AutoSAT Technology
Can also be used with CPAP and Bi-level devices
Max volume O2/min3000mL
Flow settingsSettings 1- 6 pulse flow Settings 0.5 -2 L/min continuous flow
POC run timePulse flow: 5 hrs (with supplied battery) 6 hrs 30 mins (with optional additional battery) Continuous flow: 2 hrs (with supplied battery) 3 hrs 10 mins (with optional additional battery)
Level (dBA)40* (pulsed) 48* (continuous)
*Sound level based on in-house testing performed by Air Liquide Healthcare

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