Invacare 9L

In service training including an Aged Care Facility Guide and safety signage for your facility staff to keep

The Invacare 9L is simple to use and cost effective when it comes to maintenance and delivery. Allowing patients to stay in the comfort and safety of their home, the integrated alarms offer maximum security.  It can be used as a stand alone device or coupled with HomeFill for complete patient care.

Features & Benefits
Only one filter to change when dirty
Homefill connection port
Easy access to flow indicator
O2 sensor and integrated audio and visual alarm system when O2 purity drops below 85%
Easy access to humidifier bottle
Trackable by serial number
Safety system includes compressor shutdown at high temperature
5-year warranty
Size365 mm x 467 mm x 670 mm
Weight24 kg
Flow rate1 - 9 L/min
Sound< 47 dBA

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