Invacare Perfecto

Air Liquide Healthcare provides Aged Care Facilities with everything your facility needs, whether it’s medical oxygen, equipment, maintenance, staff training or assistance with accreditation.

The Invacare Perfecto stationary concentrator has a capacity of 5 litres and incorporates SensO2 oxygen sensor technology. The Perfecto has reduced weight whilst maintaining the highest oxygen purity at all flow rates. It is small, lightweight and a cost effective home oxygen concentrator with no scheduled maintenance for 3 years.

Features & Benefits
Small, lightweight and quiet
Performant, safe and reliable
Durable product design and construction
Cost effective
User-friendly design with easy-to-see and understand control panel
Easy access to humidifier bottle and filter
Low noise level allows use during sleep
Convenient top handle makes it easy to move
Three separate filters assure oxygen purity
Size305 mm x 38 mm x 585 mm
Weight18.2 kg
Sound level< 39 dBA
Oxygen87 – 96%

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