SimplyGo Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Air Liquide Healthcare has over 20 years of proven experience in providing medical gases, such as medical carbon dioxide (CO2), and equipment to the Australian market. Our highly-qualified staff strive to serve all of our patients and customers as professionally, effectively and efficiently as possible.

This rechargeable lithium battery is to be used with the SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator. On a pulse dose setting of 2, each battery will last approximately 3.0 hours and 1.6 hours on a continuous flow setting of 1. Higher settings will result in a reduced overall operating time.

Whenever the SimplyGo is connected to AC or DC power, batteries will charge. For best results, batteries should be full charged prior to first use, via AC (wall) power.

Battery TypeRechargeable Lithium Ion
Battery Run Time
Recharge time2-3 hours
Battery lifecycle500 Cycles
Features & Benefits
Easily accessible
Easy to change

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