Comprehensive quality control from an ISO 9001 accredited company to maintain a high level of hygiene and infection control

Preventive and corrective maintenance of your medical gas dispensing equipment

Air Liquide Healthcare offers preventive and corrective direct maintenance of your medical gas dispensing equipment. Our qualified team is ready to help you optimise and maintain your equipment, ensuring you are fully compliant with Australian Standards.

Air Liquide Healthcare is here to support you with our direct maintenance service because we value your needs.  

  • Safety of your patients is your top priority
  • Accreditation and regulatory bodies require medical facilities to ensure their equipment and medical devices are periodically serviced
  • Cost management and efficiency of your operations can be improved by checking your equipment performance and controlling your medical gas consumption

Our Direct Maintenance service is the solution to your needs.

  • Simple and convenient
    Preventive maintenance and servicing procedures are performed at your facility according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Accurate and methodical
    Qualified technicians conduct systematic and comprehensive inspection of the equipment to ensure a consistent quality of service
  • Customised and cost effective
    Service contracts include free of charge diagnostics of faulty equipment and loan units during repairs in our National Service Centre

Call us on 1300 360 202 to discuss how our Direct Maintenance Service can be tailored to your needs.

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