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Our TAKEO2® series of cylinders are exclusive to Air Liquide Healthcare. TAKEO2 have the same benefits as the PRESENCE® series with the added feature of TIPI™ – (time intelligence Pressure indicator) the automated digital contents display. TAKEO2 is manufactured and is distributed exclusively by Air Liquide Healthcare.

When the cylinder is in use, TIPI™ can assist your staff to maximize cylinder usage:

  • TIPI™ displays the amount of time available for use at the selected flow rate in hours and minutes
  • TIPI™ alerts the user when ¼ of the contents remain
  • TIPI™ alerts the user when there is less than 15 minutes of use at the selected flow rate

When the cylinder is not in use, TIPI™ displays the remaining volume of oxygen digitally in litres or m³.

TAKEO2 cylinders are available in the following sizes:

  • Portable size: TAKEO2 2.8 (590L),
  • Stationary sizes: TAKEO2 5 (1000L), TAKEO2 20 (4100L)

Further information on Medical Oxygen available here.

Greater patient safetyCylinders are ready to use in case of emergency
Time optimizationCylinders with little or no content are easily identified
Improved ease-of-useTraining requirement for employees of Aged Care Facilities is greatly reduced
Faster oxygen set upThe need for maintaining competencies for changing over a regulator is no longer required
Cost efficiencyRegulator or flow meter are no longer required - cost savings
Includes built-in safety features
The protective cylinder shroud minimizes risks associated with manual handling
The digital display technology (TAKEO2 series) offer clear and concise information on the content of the cylinder
Cylinder SizeVolumeWeight (full)
2.8 L590L6.5kg

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