In service training including an Aged Care Facility guide and safety signage for your facility staff to keep

Medical oxygen equipment education program
Air Liquide Healthcare will provide training for your staff on respiratory equipment used at the facility. This can assist your staff’s understanding on the safe use of oxygen and support accreditation of your facility.

AS/NZ4187: Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in health service organisations
We understand the importance of infection control and have established comprehensive quality control programs for our rental equipment

Oxygen equipment and safety audit
Air Liquide Healthcare can provide annual medical oxygen equipment & safety audits for your facility. The purpose of these audits is to assist the facility to comply with  accreditation standards in relation to oxygen therapy safety. The audit is conducted by our representative accompanied by a member of your facility.

Customised billing
We can provide two formats of monthly invoicing to your facilities to assist you to consolidate your oxygen expenditure and to identify residents that would be eligible for the medical oxygen subsidy claim.
The standard consolidated format shows the total quantity of rental and purchased equipment provided by Air Liquide Healthcare, together with any applicable service fees payable by the facility.
The optional itemized format lists all the rental equipment (e.g. concentrators) assigned to each resident on oxygen in the facility. This itemized list provides a reference for the facility to cross check with the oxygen subsidy application to ensure all oxygen subsidies claims are applied against each resident on oxygen.

Resident reporting
Our unique electronic data system allows us to provide you with reports on resident therapy related information, to assist your facility. We can provide account tracking by resident name to ensure correct reconciliation and claiming of Department of Health oxygen subsidy.

Crisis management plan
Air Liquide Healthcare recognizes the requirement for facilities to plan for the unlikely, but possible, event of a pandemic crisis. Please contact us so we can review our services with you to meet your oxygen requirements under urgent circumstances.



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